Helpful Bible Readings

Isaiah 40:8

The Bible is the most widely, extensively distributed, and exciting book in the world. Studying it is an experience in life itself – the past, present and promise of that to come.

Here is the positive answer to our desperate needs. To hatred, it answers with love. To ignorance and confusion, it answers with wisdom. To self-seeking behaviour, it answers with self-sacrifice. To sinfulness, it answers with redemption.

Here is God’s answer. For in this book, we see Him – in the person of Jesus Christ – enter human life – to cleanse, to uphold, to redeem and to “dwell” with us.

The stories listed are extracts from the great heritage which we have in the translated Bible. This list may serve as a reference, study and informational reading.

Read the Book by your side; Read it daily with imagination. Seek God’s answer expectantly, Prayerfully and faithfully.

Discover in its pages:

  • The CHRIST and how to serve Him

  • The WAY to walk in faith

  • The TRUTH to believe, and

  • The LIFE to live.

Some helpful Bible Readings can be found in the attached PDF (see below).