Our Church Name | John Knox

John Knox
John Knox

Our church is named in honour of John Knox. This is a brief summary of the reason why.

John Knox is considered to be the greatest Reformer in the history of Scotland and a dramatic figure in the Reformation movement. His impact is still felt around the world.


This minister of the Christian gospel was considered one of the most powerful preachers of his day. He is a key figure in the formation of modern Scotland, setting the church’s moral tone and the democratic form of government it adopted.


Born in the early 1500s, John Knox saw dramatic events unfolding in Scotland during his youth but became aware of the agitation for an evangelical Christianity.


He was ordained to the priesthood at some date prior to 1540. He first publicly professed the Protestant faith about the end of 1545. John Knox saw how important it was for the church to do what the Bible said.


Violent times followed in Scotland, and being in danger because of his preaching, left for Europe and became a Minister. He returned to Scotland to inspire the reforming task. His preaching was used by God to transform the whole of Scotland


The Reformed Protestant religion was ratified by law in Scotland in 1560, and from then on worship was simplified, there was evangelism and care of the poor, and with more education so ordinary people could read the Bible.


He died on 24 November, 1572. At his funeral, it was said: “Here lies a man who in his life never feared the face of man, who hath been often threatened with dagger, but yet hath ended his days in peace and honour."


Though he remains a paradox to many – inciting both loyalty and animosity – Knox was clearly a man of great courage and his legacy is large.


Some advice from John Knox: “Let no day slip over without some comfort received of the Word of God.”


“The Scriptures of God are my only foundation and substance in all matters of weight and importance.”