Church Administration


Our Congregation

Our congregation is a group of people — including their children — who meet at our church premises for Christian worship, instruction, fellowship, work and witness.

Church Organisations

Under the Presbyterian form of church government, our Church is administered by two groups:

  • The Session 

    • Also known as the Kirk Session, this is made up of appointed elders to superintend and promote the spiritual interests of the church, including worship and teaching. The Minister is the Chairman and an Elder is appointed Session Clerk to manage administrative matters.

  • The Committee of Management 

    • Members are appointed by the congregation to administer financial, property and maintenance matters, including a Secretary, Treasurer and Safety Officer.


We are sanctioned by the North Queensland Presbytery, and work within the Standing Orders and Rules and Forms of Procedure of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ). The complete set of rules is on the PCQ website through under Resources and the PCQ Code.